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  1. Dear Diane
    I was very touched whilst reading your account of your book Wild, from Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Twelve years ago, I walked the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage across Spain. As I read, I found myself teleported back to my own experience of journeying, and processing each day what was transpiring for me as I made pilgrimage to the inner recesses of my heart, mind and soul. Albeit that the summary was short, for me, it was brillient, reminding me of the connection to our physical suffering and how we can birth ourselves into a new place where we often can feel raw, vulnerable yet strong and ‘right’ for we have shed the weight of that which we no longer need. You have inspired me to read your book and I feel in my heart that it would be a very healing experience to read for many who as also journeying to the inner recesses of their heart, mind and soul as they try to understand the meaning of death, their grief and it’s bearing and impact on their life. Thank you… Chrystalla Chew, Hospice Coordinator, Community Care Northumberland, (Trent Hills) Hospice Program


    • Hello Chrystalla,
      I am glad that my account of Wild has moved you to read the book. I agree that others who are trying to understand the meaning of death and grief could find keys to healing and new life in Cheryl Strayed’s story. With your own experience of hiking the Camino, you would find many parallels, and a sense of community, in her book.


  2. Wow! I don’t know what you call all this, but I call this a web site! You have your own website, and it’s really cool! Congratulations on dianemtaylor.com ! It’s great – You are really conquering the 21st century….- Good for you!


  3. I have cooked all over North America and have thought of a memoir and am thinking about it, thank you, Gordon Hoselton


    • Gordon, that’s wonderful! You are well suited to writing a memoir about food and travel. Sounds fabulous to me. You just have to make the time for it. And your B&B in Ottawa looks very inviting. I would love to hear when you have finished the first chapter. I could post news of it in a blog post.


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