Published Work


Fellow Travellers: A Mosaic of Personal Stories (Blue Denim Press, 2023)

 The Gift of Memoir: Show Up, Open Up, Write (BPS Books, 2015)  Concrete ideas and encouragement for aspiring memoirists.

The Perfect Galley Book: Yarns, Tips and Recipes from the Heart of the Ship (New Trend, 1983) A Memoir of my life at sea.


a) Canadian Yachting

Turning Back Time (Wooden Boat Restoration), winter 1996
Fish Poisoning (Ciguatera), Nov. 1989
The Perils of Returning to Shore, Dec. 1983
Stocking Up Early, May 1982
FIRE!   Dec. 1980
Two Cooks Design the Ideal Galley, Jan. 1980
Cruising Without Refrigeration, Nov. 1979
Who Needs an Oven? Oct. 1979
Resurrected: A Derelict Trimaran, Jan. 1979
Moonlit Evening Conceals Cruel Lesson, Mar. 1978

b) Multihulls Magazine

Spend Less Time in the Galley, Mar/Apr 1982
Anchor Your Dream, Mar/Apr 1981
Multihull Art and Artists,  Nov/Dec 1980
We Bought a Derelict Multihull, Mar/Apr 1980
Stocking a Multihull,  Jul/Aug  1980
Of Dreams, Boats and Reefs, Jul/Aug 1979
A Pressure Cooker is Essential Hardware, Mar/Apr 1979
Timeless Tempos on the Intercoastal Waterway Jul/Aug 1978

c) Southern Boating

Only You Can Prevent Boat Fires, Feb. 1996
Seamoss Farming in the Caribbean, Dec. 1989
Tropical Plants: Some Things You Need to Know, Aug, 1983
Saving the Sea for Tomorrow (Conch Farming), Jan. 1983

d) Other

Beekeeping on Pine Cay, Times of the Islands, Spring 2023
The Natural World, Times of the Islands, Fall 2021
Bonefish Ahead! Times of the Islands, Summer 2021
Soul Food, Times of the Islands, Winter 2020
Benjamin and Martin Luther King, Times of the Islands, Fall 2020
Anthologies in 2012: Hill Spirits, That Not Forgotten, Grandmother Mother and Me
First Hospice Client, Northumberland Today, September 27, 2011
What’s in a Word? The Cosmos, Feb. 2011
Slaves to Sugar, Northumberland News, Feb. 25, 2011
Who Amongst Us …? (Memoir writing), Writers Journal, Jan. 2011
What’s in a Word? (Early memory), Country Connection, Jan. 2011
Trouble Sleeping? Northumberland Today, July 7, 2010
Smelt Fishing and Management, Ontario Out of Doors, Apr. 1998
Radiant Heat, Country Connection, winter/spring, 1998
On Dying, Journal of Palliative Care, winter, 1997
White Rose Nursery and WW II, Uxbridge Times Journal, Aug. 1997
Survival (a long poem), Challenges, Accra, Ghana, 1984
Photography for Natural History of the Turks and  Caicos Islands,  K. Orr, 1983
Bees Could Be Honey of an Industry, Turks and Caicos Current, 1982
The Pressure Cooker, Yachting World, Mar.1982
A Baby Aboard Demands Compromise, Cruising World, Mar. 1981
Rotate Cooks, Everyone Wins, Yachting World, Mar. 1981
Fire Prevention in the Galley, Motor Boating and Sailing, Nov, 1980
Garden Growth, Turks and Caicos Chronicle, Vol.1 No.4, 1980


To read What’s in a Word? go to http://magazinescanada.zinio.com, click on “science and nature”, then Country Connection and turn to page 9.

To read Trouble Sleeping? go to www.northumberlandtoday.com, then to news, then to local news, then type in “trouble sleeping” in the search window on the right hand side.  The article, with photo, will come up.

To read any of the other articles, email me at dtaylor@eagle.ca, and I will send you a copy of the piece by regular mail.

2 comments on “Published Work

  1. Impressive portfolio of work. Good luck in your endeavours. Please keep in touch.


  2. nice work Dee. i appreciate your wealth of experience, and have always loved your sharp wit. the world needs your alive, eyes open powers of observation.
    best wishes,


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