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Soul Food Stories

A young shark took the bait that was left overnight on a fishing line at the end of the dock on Pine Cay—bait that was intended for snapper, or grouper or other delectable dinner fish. When Raymond found it on his slow-gaited inspection walk around the dive shop just after sunrise, it was dead. Sharks […]

Remembrance in Memoir: What Does It Take?

Remembrance in Memoir: What Does It Take?

Dear Steve, I’m really glad you asked this question in my memoir writing workshop last week:          “What three qualities do people who complete their memoir have?” Since then, I’ve consulted two authors of published memoirs who sent me their three qualities. Then, I came up with four. All in all, we now have ten […]

Time Was Soft There, a memoir by Jeremy Mercer

A good memoir is a good mentor when you read as a writer. Time Was Soft There is a romp through literary escapades in one the world’s most famous bookstores, Shakespeare & Co., situated on Paris’s Left Bank. Canadian reporter Jeremy Mercer stumbled in one day, bought a book, and wound up living on the […]